TopExamer is a powerful examination tool for e-Learning and an online examination portal. It is useful for all students to practice their exams within their respective fields and domains. We at TopExamer have identified various issues within the online education and examination portal ranging from commercialisation to creating an unintentional gap form transitional knowledge via accessible examinations online. We strive diligently in collecting mammoth databases of examination material available for our students to access, attend and avail at their will at a very affordable cost.

We at Top Examaner aim to minimise the commercialization of education which so often goes undetected. We ensure that the rights of the students and the kind of education that develops his/her full potential and wholesome personality are not sidelined. We diligently are working to ensure the exploitation and manipulation for any level of online examination is completely minimised.

“Commercialized education system affects the students’ psychological state as well as general behaviour”

-Team TopExamer

Why TopExamer Portal?

  • We will reduce the cost and time of organizing examinations.
  • Our students can evaluate themselves by giving test exams as many times as they require.
  • We check answers and publish results instantly on completion.
  • Our students can appear in the examination through any devices (i.e. Laptops, Android devices, Windows devices, iphones, any smartphone, etc.)
  • No software installation required.
  • We are providing 256bit SSL encryption protocol to make this system secure and safe.This encryption protocol is used by many reputed organizations like, Banks, Railways, Medical, engineering and several educational organisations.
  • We will reduce commercialisation of education by keeping the prices the lowest in the market.

TopExamer and our team are very aware on how hampered the students views are when considering the utilitarian and corporate conception of education. Our aim is to create affordable prices for our students so that we overshadow and eliminate all the factors that impedes their ability or willingness to embrace the values of ethical citizenship, rooted in responsible action aimed at pursuing truth and knowledge via online examination portal, for their own efforts. Expensive pricing for examination portals are making our students feel alienated from the competition and we strive to ensure TopExamer portal empowers our students to believe the knowledge is a right and certainly not a luxury. This is our teams moral aim.